Hawaii: An Amazing Guide to Heaven on Earth in 2023

Hawaii islands

Hawaii, the tropical paradise of the United States, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. In this blog, we will embark on an enchanting journey to discover some of the most captivating destinations in Hawaii, including the Big Island, its mesmerizing volcanoes, the charming town of Kahului on Maui, and the vibrant capital city of Honolulu. So, fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the remarkable wonders of this Pacific archipelago. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, it’s recommended to check for the best travel insurance options and find the best flights to Hawaii here.

Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island, also known simply as Hawaii Island, is a captivating destination that offers a truly unique and diverse experience for travelers. As the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, it is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Geographically, the Big Island is larger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined. It stretches across approximately 4,028 square miles (10,432 square kilometers) and is home to an incredible array of ecosystems and microclimates. From the snow-capped peaks of Mauna Kea to the fiery lava flows of Kilauea, the island showcases the powerful forces of nature at work.

One of the island’s most iconic features is the active volcano, Kilauea. Located within the boundaries of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983, making it one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. Visitors to the park have the unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sight of molten lava flowing into the ocean, creating new land and shaping the island’s ever-changing landscape. Exploring the park’s trails, you’ll encounter volcanic craters, steam vents, lava tubes, and lush rainforests that have emerged from the volcanic activity over the centuries.

Aside from its volcanic wonders, the Big Island offers a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures. Adventurous souls can hike to the summit of Mauna Kea, the highest point in the Pacific, to witness breathtaking sunsets and stargaze at one of the world’s premier astronomical observatories. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can explore the vibrant coral reefs along the Kona Coast or swim with manta rays in Kealakekua Bay. The island’s diverse topography also makes it an ideal destination for hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, and even helicopter tours to witness its natural splendor from the sky.

Beyond its natural beauty, the Big Island is steeped in rich cultural heritage. The Hawaiian culture and traditions are deeply rooted in the island’s history and can be experienced through various cultural activities and events. Attend a traditional hula performance, participate in a lei-making workshop, or visit one of the many historical sites and museums that showcase the island’s unique heritage.

The Big Island is also known for its agricultural bounty, with lush farms and plantations producing some of the world’s finest coffee, macadamia nuts, and tropical fruits. Exploring the farmers’ markets and plantation tours offers a delightful opportunity to sample fresh, locally-grown produce and learn about the island’s agricultural practices.

In terms of accommodations, the Big Island offers a range of options, from luxurious resorts and vacation rentals to cozy bed and breakfasts and eco-friendly lodges. Whether you prefer to stay on the sunny Kona side or the lush Hilo side, you’ll find accommodations to suit every taste and budget.

Big Island is a destination that truly has it all. With its stunning natural landscapes, active volcanoes, vibrant cultural heritage, and an array of outdoor activities, it is an island paradise that promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking adventure, relaxation, and a deeper connection with nature and Hawaiian culture.

hawaii big island

Volcano in Hawaii – Kilauea

Kilauea, the mighty and captivating volcano located on the southeastern side of the Big Island, is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing natural wonders on Earth. With its continuous eruptions and ever-changing landscape, Kilauea offers a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the raw power and beauty of volcanic activity up close.

Kilauea is an active shield volcano, characterized by its broad, gently sloping shape. It is considered one of the world’s most active volcanoes and has been erupting almost continuously since 1983. This ongoing eruption has shaped the landscape of the Big Island, adding new land to the island’s southeastern coastline and transforming the surrounding environment.

One of the most captivating aspects of Kilauea is the accessibility it offers to visitors. Unlike many other volcanoes around the world, Kilauea’s eruptions are relatively safe to observe, and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provides ample opportunities for visitors to explore the volcano’s wonders. The park encompasses over 300,000 acres (121,400 hectares) of diverse landscapes, from lush rainforests to arid lava fields.

Exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery. A popular activity is hiking along the park’s trails, where you can witness firsthand the incredible volcanic formations and geological features. One of the iconic hikes is the Kīlauea Iki Trail, which takes you across the floor of a former lava lake. The experience of walking amidst the hardened lava, surrounded by steaming vents and sulfuric gases, is truly awe-inspiring.


Another must-visit site within the park is the Jaggar Museum and Overlook. From this vantage point, visitors can witness the dramatic sight of the Halema’uma’u Crater, the current active vent of Kilauea. As the volcano continues to erupt, the lava lake within the crater fluctuates in size, providing a captivating display of molten lava glowing in the darkness.

For a truly unique experience, consider taking a guided lava tour to witness the lava flows up close. These tours, led by experienced guides, provide the opportunity to hike to the active lava flow and witness the fiery spectacle as molten lava meets the ocean, creating billowing steam and new land formations.

It is essential to note that Kilauea is an active volcano, and safety precautions must be followed. Before visiting the volcano, it is advisable to check the latest updates and alerts from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Kilauea not only showcases the remarkable forces of nature but also highlights the resilience and adaptability of life. Despite the harsh volcanic environment, plants and wildlife have managed to thrive in the surrounding areas, and visitors can observe the unique flora and fauna that have adapted to these extreme conditions.

Kilauea is a geological marvel that offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the dynamic power of a living volcano. Its ongoing eruptions, accessible viewing points, and diverse landscapes make it a must-visit destination for anyone fascinated by nature’s raw beauty. Just remember to respect the volcano’s power and follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience at Kilauea, the jewel of the Big Island.

Kilauea volcano

Kahului hawaii

Kahului, located on the northern shore of the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii, is a charming town that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and modern conveniences. As the largest commercial center on Maui, Kahului serves as a gateway for visitors arriving at the island’s main airport, Kahului Airport (OGG).

Despite its commercial significance, Kahului manages to retain a laid-back and authentic Hawaiian vibe. Here are some highlights of what Kahului has to offer:

  1. Maui Arts and Cultural Center: A cultural hub, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. The center hosts a diverse range of performances, including concerts, theatrical productions, dance shows, and art exhibitions. It showcases the talents of local artists as well as renowned international performers, providing a platform for the artistic expressions of Maui’s vibrant community.
  2. Queen Ka’ahumanu Center: For shopping enthusiasts, Queen Ka’ahumanu Center is a premier destination. This expansive shopping mall offers a wide variety of stores, ranging from high-end retailers to local boutiques. Here, you can find everything from fashion and accessories to unique Hawaiian crafts and souvenirs. The mall also features a food court and numerous dining options, making it a great place to indulge in delicious local cuisine.
  3. Maui Nui Botanical Gardens: Located in Kahului, the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens provide an opportunity to explore the rich flora of the islands. The gardens focus on preserving and showcasing native Hawaiian plants, including rare and endangered species. Strolling through the beautifully landscaped grounds, visitors can learn about the cultural and ecological significance of these plants, providing a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s natural heritage.
  4. Kanaha Beach Park: Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate Kanaha Beach Park, located just east of Kahului. This expansive beach park offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, or engaging in water sports. With its consistent winds, Kanaha Beach Park is particularly popular for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Additionally, the park features facilities such as barbecue areas, picnic tables, and restrooms, making it a perfect spot for a day of relaxation and fun.
  5. Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum: History buffs can delve into Maui’s sugar industry heritage at the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum. Located in nearby Puunene, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and impact of sugar cane cultivation on the island. Exhibits showcase the machinery and tools used in sugar production, as well as the stories of the diverse immigrant communities that shaped the industry.
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In addition to these attractions, Kahului serves as a convenient starting point for exploring other parts of Maui. From here, you can easily access the scenic road to Hana, the breathtaking Haleakalā National Park, and the beautiful beaches of the island’s western coast.

With its mix of cultural offerings, shopping opportunities, and proximity to natural wonders, Kahului provides a well-rounded experience for visitors to Maui. So, whether you’re passing through as you arrive or depart from the island or taking the time to explore its charms, Kahului is a destination worth exploring and savoring as part of your Hawaiian adventure.

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Maui’s Natural Marvels

Maui, often referred to as the “Valley Isle,” is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes. From pristine beaches and lush valleys to majestic waterfalls and volcanic formations, Maui offers an abundance of natural marvels that captivate visitors from around the world. Here are some of the island’s most notable natural attractions:

  1. Road to Hana: The Road to Hana is an iconic scenic drive that winds along Maui’s northeastern coastline, offering breathtaking vistas at every turn. As you traverse the winding road, you’ll encounter cascading waterfalls, verdant rainforests, dramatic coastal cliffs, and hidden beaches. Be sure to stop at popular attractions like the Twin Falls, Wailua Falls, and the Bamboo Forest, where you can take refreshing dips in natural pools and soak in the enchanting beauty of Maui’s landscapes.
  2. Haleakalā National Park: Haleakalā National Park is a natural gem located on the southeastern part of Maui. At its heart is the majestic Haleakalā volcano, whose summit rises to over 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level. Watching the sunrise or sunset from the summit is a truly magical experience as the sky transforms into a palette of vibrant colors. The park also offers numerous hiking trails that lead visitors through otherworldly landscapes, such as the Sliding Sands Trail and the Pipiwai Trail, where you can witness towering bamboo forests and the awe-inspiring Waimoku Falls.
  3. Molokini Crater: Situated just off the coast of Maui, Molokini Crater is a partially submerged volcanic crater that offers exceptional snorkeling and diving opportunities. The crystal-clear waters of this marine sanctuary teem with colorful coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, including tropical fish, manta rays, and even the occasional Hawaiian green sea turtle. Guided snorkeling or diving tours allow you to explore the vibrant underwater world and witness the incredible biodiversity of Maui’s coastal ecosystems.
  4. Iao Valley State Park: Located in Central Maui, Iao Valley State Park is a lush, verdant valley surrounded by towering emerald-green peaks. The park’s centerpiece is the iconic Iao Needle, a 1,200-foot (366-meter) rock pinnacle that rises dramatically from the valley floor. Visitors can explore the park’s trails, which offer scenic views of the needle, meandering streams, and tropical rainforests. The park also holds historical and cultural significance as the site of the Battle of Kepaniwai, a major battle in Hawaiian history.
  5. West Maui Mountains: The West Maui Mountains, also known as Mauna Kahalawai, form a dramatic backdrop on the western side of Maui. These ancient volcanic peaks are lush and rugged, with deep valleys and steep cliffs. The area is home to stunning hiking trails, such as the Kapalua Coastal Trail and the Waihee Ridge Trail, where you can witness panoramic views of the coastline, hidden waterfalls, and the majestic mountains themselves.

Maui’s natural marvels extend beyond these highlights, with countless hidden beaches, stunning coastal drives, and secluded waterfalls waiting to be discovered. The island’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in the serene and untouched landscapes that make Maui a true paradise.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deeper connection with nature, Maui’s natural wonders offer an abundance of experiences that will leave you with lasting memories and a sense of awe at the island’s breathtaking beauty.

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Honolulu – The Heart of Oahu

Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii and located on the island of Oahu, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination that serves as the heart of the island. With its rich history, stunning beaches, world-class dining, and diverse cultural offerings, city offers a unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty. Here are some highlights of what makes city the beating heart of Oahu:

  1. Waikiki Beach: Waikiki Beach is perhaps one of the most iconic and famous beaches in the world. With its golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and views of the majestic Diamond Head volcanic crater, Waikiki Beach epitomizes the allure of Hawaii. It offers a range of water activities, such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming. The beach is also lined with luxury resorts, renowned restaurants, high-end shopping, and vibrant nightlife, making it a hub of activity day and night.
  2. Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial: History buffs should not miss the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor, a place of great historical significance. Here, you can learn about the events of December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet, leading to America’s entry into World War II. The USS Arizona Memorial stands as a solemn tribute to the lives lost during the attack. The memorial provides a powerful and emotional experience as visitors reflect on the tragedy and the resilience of the American people.
  3. Downtown : Downtown Honolulu offers a blend of historical landmarks and modern amenities. Stroll through the streets to explore historic sites such as the Iolani Palace, the only royal palace on American soil, and the iconic King Kamehameha I Statue. The area is also home to the Hawaii State Capitol, the Museum of Art, and the vibrant Chinatown district. Sample delicious cuisine at local eateries and explore the boutiques and art galleries that dot the streets.
  4. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: Located on Oahu’s southeastern coast, Hanauma Bay is a protected marine sanctuary renowned for its pristine coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snorkeling in the bay offers a chance to swim among colorful tropical fish, graceful sea turtles, and stunning coral formations. The bay also provides educational programs to promote marine conservation and raise awareness about the fragile ecosystem.
  5. Diamond Head State Monument: Rising majestically on the eastern edge of Waikiki, Diamond Head is an iconic volcanic tuff cone that offers panoramic views of Honolulu and the surrounding coastline. Hiking to the summit of Diamond Head is a popular activity for both locals and visitors. The trail takes you through a series of switchbacks and tunnels, culminating in breathtaking views of the cityscape and the Pacific Ocean.

Honolulu’s diverse culinary scene, from traditional Hawaiian cuisine to international flavors, is another highlight. Sample local delicacies such as poke (marinated raw fish), kalua pig (slow-cooked pig), and plate lunches featuring a variety of island-style favorites.

Whether you’re exploring the historic sites, relaxing on the stunning beaches, or immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture, city truly embodies the spirit of Oahu. It is a place where modern urban life harmoniously coexists with the natural beauty and rich heritage of Hawaii, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Hawaii, with its captivating islands and diverse attractions, offers an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking natural beauty, adventure, and cultural immersion. From the awe-inspiring Big Island and its active volcano to the tranquil charm of Kahului on Maui and the bustling energy of city, Hawaii has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready to be mesmerized by the enchanting wonders of the Aloha State.

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